Shop NYC private wholesale showrooms, meet the designers, and see how the fashion industry works.

My shopping takes you to small private designer showrooms in the heart of Manhattan’s Garment District. The showrooms are the places where buyers from major department stores and boutiques from all over the country come to place their seasonal orders.
You will be paying wholesale and below wholesale prices.
50%-80% off crazy retail prices. You will be seeing current season as well as one of a kind samples.
I am a professional stylist and personal shopper, and I lead all my groups, (not a hired tour guide ).  I honestly want my clients to look and feel fabulous. You will be encouraged to try things on and maybe to step out of your style box just a bit.
There is no pressure to buy anything you simply don’t Love.

I see it all the time, something special happens when women who know each other shop together in this private way. There is laughter and chatter and ” You try this on” or  ” It looks better on you” or That dress will look great with boots”.  It is bonding, sisterhood and love all at wholesale pricing.
I want the shopping to be all about you, and select available showrooms that fit your style, needs and budget.

My fee is based on the number of women shopping. Monday-Friday Morning or Afternoons available
Happy to answer all your questions via email shoppingpilar@gmail.com

Pilar Katz

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