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About Wholesale Showrooms:
The wholesale showrooms are a busy operation. The phones are ringing, merchandise is coming and going, orders are being placed and expedited. This is the behind the scenes operation where season samples are showed to the buyers in order to meet the demand of major department stores and boutiques around the country.  It is not a goal to sell to the public and  buyers do not want the public purchasing at the wholesale price when stores are marking clothes up, up and up. Some samples may be coming back from a photo shoot, and it’s fun to hear, “that coat was just used in a Vogue shoot”  Some showrooms have samples and stock, others  have current samples and many one of a kind pieces will be found. The best news of all is that here you can afford to buy it.

Shopping showrooms:
We cover showrooms that are diverse, From Beachwear to Outer wear, From Casual to Evening Wear

You will be the only shoppers in the showrooms we visit. You can take your coats off, put your bags down, and take your time looking and trying on.

Shopping takes 3 hours, but if you are having fun and getting the most of out of the showrooms, I am happy to go 4hours with no extra charge.

There is no pressure to buy, this is a shopping day (not a tour) and we go from showroom to showroom in a 4 block radius (W35-W40th St),  the home of  “Project Runway. No taxi’s or trains!  We walk, and talk and shop!

We shop the current New York seasons. You may be able to buy a one of a kind sample, or a new item before it hits the stores.  I will encourage you to try things on, items look very differently on a body vs a hanger. Don’t be afraid to say no, but..stay open to the possibilities.

Most showrooms carry sizing from 0-12,  small, med and large. You will have less of a chance to find clothes if you are size 14 or larger, but, everyone will have a chance to buy something fabulous.

We visit smaller current designer showrooms where items will be less than half the price of retail stores.   In many of my showrooms, design’s are made in the USA or New York City.  If the designer is in the showroom, they tend to be hands on with my clients and love to help put things together and suggest styles.

We DO NOT shop Shoe Showrooms                 We DO NOT shop CorporateLabels

Foundation Garments are a key to making clothes look and fit better.

There are no dressing rooms in the showrooms (we do try to setup a spot for privacy for the modest at heart) Dress comfortably in clothes that are easy to take on and off for trying on. Underneath a good bra  ( pull those straps up ladies)  with a singlet or cami over your bra.  2 Pieces and neutral colors work, black is best.

Most showrooms  take cash only a few are set up to accept credit cards.  Best to be prepared and bring both.

Shopping  is done Monday-Friday only, the showrooms are closed on the weekends.

All Sales are FINAL, make sure you love what you buy.

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