Taking the Shopping Experience to the Ultimate in NYC”

5 of 5 starsReviewed February 19, 2014 NEW

Our New York Personal Shopper experience with Pilar Katz was always going to be a highlight for 2 shopaholic Aussie friends visiting for a whirlwind week to shop themselves into a frenzy in New York City.
A gift from my friend’s husband for Christmas we planned our whole week in New York around this day. We were prepared with extra empty suitcases brought from Australia in anticipation, nothing was going to hold us back.
You can imagine our disappointment the morning of our Personal Shopper experience to discover a major snowstorm had hit and had prevented a lot of designers from arriving at their showrooms. Pilar recommended rescheduling till the next day. The next day was so cold, I’m sure it was at least minus 10 degrees celcius, but nothing was going to stop us!
Pilar, this tiny framed, dynamo whipped us around the garment district for hours that seemed to go in minutes. It was my 6th visit to New York and I thought I had seen it all and shopped it all. Little did I know the potential shopping opportunities sitting pretty but hidden from the everyday shopper on the levels above the street level shops and restaurants.
Pilar quickly surmised what styles we liked and didn’t like, went out of her way to get us in the door of a showroom for our specific wants eg leather handbags, scarfe, mink coat! etc. Pilar is not pushy, listens to her clients and has amazing contacts. I especially liked 2 of the designers we met who design and have their clothes made right there in the same building where they create. No sweat shops! I regret not buying more at each stop!
Thanks again Pilar, looks like I will have to visit NYC for a 7th trip!

“A great day with Pilar”      “So nice… had to do it twice!”     “Great day of shopping”

“What a fun day!”

5 of 5 starsReviewed February 7, 2014

What a fantastic day! Pilar started by asking us about what level of fashions we were wanting to see. We found all kinds of finds in a shop where it seemed everything was $20. Never any pressure to buy. Only that you try stuff on. Once Pilar gets an idea of your style she is pulling things from the racks. The next two places were of higher quality and the designers were there. Their enthusiasm was contagious. They wanted to see their clothes on you. Such a fun shopping day. The behind the scenes feel really made the whole experience special.

Reviewed March 6, 2013

My wife and daughter spent the day with Pilar and it was the highlight of our NY trip. My daughter was interested in learning more about the fashion industry so she really enjoyed meeting some of the designers and hearing how they approach their business. Of course, my wife and daughter had a great time trying different outfits and accessories and ended up with several bags full stuff, all at very reasonable prices. Pilar was so much fun and very knowledgable. I just cruised but enjoyed watching the ladies have so much fun. Would highly recommend for guys wanting to give their ladies a special treat.

“Best Birthday Present Ever”     “A Great Experience with Pilar!”   “Such a fantastic time!”

 “Fantastic, Fun and Fabulous!”

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A great day of shopping! My daughter and I wanted a special New York shopping experience so we booked this event last minute and it was great. We told her we were looking for a couple of nice dresses for some upcoming events for my daughter as ell as see all the current trends. Pilar delivered wonderfully! She was very friendly and immediately put us at ease. We power shopped until we were all about to drop! (about 4 hours ). Pilar worked very hard to ensure that both my daughter and I found some really great things. Overall a great experience and I would highly recommend

“Something different for a day in NY”   “”A Girls Dream”    “Power Shopping at its’ Best!”

“Best Way To Shop EVER!!”

As a gift to my fiance, I signed up for a shopping tour with Pilar. My fiance had an absolute blast! Pilar knows a lot of great places to shop, and takes you into showrooms that you would NEVER be able to get in on your own (or even know about). Also, considering how much money you save on the clothes, the cost of the tour is a no brainer. You will save that much (and more) with the great discounts on the clothes.

For all the guys out there, this makes a GREAT gift for your girlfriend, fiance, or wife who loves to shop. I actually joined them on the trip and had a good time myself, but you could just as easily catch a Yankees or Mets game while your significant other shops to her heart’s content.

“Have fun shopping”   “The Best Shopping Secret in NY”    “Made my trip extra special!”

“Shopping pro with amazing insider connections!”

My new Shopping Girlfriends! Every year my sisters and I spend a fall weekend in NYC to shop! After doing some research we discovered Lady Pilar! We are so happy we did! She took us to designer showrooms and wholesalers where we were able to purchase clothes that haven’t even hit the stores yet and at a fraction of the price! We wouldn’t have been able to afford some of these styles had we purchased them at Neimans or Bloomingdales! We were able to meet some designers as well – they even helped with picking out what styles were best for us!
My sisters and I have all agreed to make Lady P a must for our future shopping tripsAlternate Text      “Truly unique shopping experience in the Big Apple”
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